September 18, 2014

Early civilizations

Let’s start studying Early civilizations:


Mesopotamia and Egypt:

Mesopotamia timeline

Learn the different periods of  Ancient Egypt with this diagram:

Egypt periods

Download the pdf document clicking here: EGYPT main periods

Check this interesting video about life in Egypt, it will help you to study and understand the history of this amazing culture:


Here you have apicture that shows the six main levels,  in which free people was divided in Ancient Egypt. Of course, we should add one more level in the base of the pyramid for the slaves:



Plan of a Typical Egyptian Temple

The numbers below correspond to the circled numbers above. The names for the parts of the temple are in red after each number.

1. Pylon.

2. Patio.

3. Hypostyle hall/prayer room.

4. Sanctuary.

5. Enclosure wall.

6. Colossal statues of the Pharaoh/Gods.

7. Obelisks.

8. Avenue of sphinxes.