Why should we use comics in class?, which are the origins of comic?, which app should I use in class?

In this presentations you will find the answer to these questions and a complete tutorial to learn how to use Comic life.


Download and print  a pdf document with all the slides’ thumbnails, the cover page with the schedule and enough space for taking notes  while you attend the workshop.


The best way to make your classes memorable is using new methodologies and activities that motivate you students, create comics is one of these engaging activities.


Now that you are covinced and enthusiastic with the idea of  creating  comics with your students, maybe you’d need some ideas. Take a look at these comics made by different students and teachers and find inspiration.

IES Sapere Aude (Madrid)

Teacher: Isabel García-Velasco

IES Juan Martín el Empecinado (Aranda de Duero)

Teacher: Carlos González

IES Gabriel Miró (Orihuela)

Teacher: Vicente Alemany

Presentación en Innobar

Reseña de Blink Learning de la presentación del #proyectocómic en Innobar.

¿Qué es el #proyectocómic?